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Boudoir Photographer for Escorts

( Meaning info on what I use to shoot you and what I provide)

We currently have 2 pro cameras ( I am ordering a couple of more this spring)

We currently have My Canon Rebel E06 ( with 3 different lenses, filers etc)



Backdrop rig

Lighting boxes

I am completing my studio and ordering more backdrops, a chaise lounge and a lovely throne chair as well as new bedroom bedding for the bed and sheer white drape for the window in the studio room.

Completion of studio in April.

However I am able to meet you while I am traveling ( I am touring this year myself) and  you can contact me to see if I am going to be in your city. If its a city I have always wanted to visit I am happy to arrange a day trip also to take your pics)

I have 2 makeup kits and am adding more for all complexions. I also have training in hair styling. No matter your race, hair texture etc I can make you look beautiful. If you prefer of course you can hire your own MUA ( make up artist).  I am looking to purchase a few items in a few sizes of lingerie for those who may not be able to afford it themselves. You will need to however provide your own bottoms . I will also stay stocked on pantyliners so that when  lingerie is used for shoots it is always laundered, sterilized and liners in place. I worked in medical and so I know the importance of things of this nature. I simply want to provide ladies who may need help with wardrobe the ability to also feel beautiful and to have great pics till they can get their own items.

Important : I do provide photoshop edits , but please note I do not do heavily photoshopped images that in my opinion create an almost fake look.

Lastly I also provide help virtually with fashion choices for your lingerie and casual clothing poses. I also help those of you with posing who may not understand what looks  best in your photos or who haven’t learned their own angles yet.

I cannot wait to work with you all !


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While I have a couple of pro cameras etc. I am still finishing up
my Studio and would like to add about 2 more cameras as well
as a lens thats about 650.00 to my arsenal. I am a perfectionist
and want to have the best. I have one of the best cameras now
but I’d like to take it to the next level. So any Amazon E-gift card donations are so appreciated and so welcomed. Thank you.

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