To the ladies of Chicago PHOTO SHOOTS end of May

Good morning, Hope this week finds and treats you all well.

I am sorry for being late in blogging. I suffer from a health issue that sometimes makes using my hands super painful. So I had to wait until it was a tleast controlled enough for me to blog today.

I offered a free shoot or a ( whatever you can afford shoot) to 2-3 ladies when I visit Chicago the end of next week.

I will be there for THREE days . I am coming there for my own touring ( escort purposes) BUT I wanted to help some of you ladies if I can and also BUILD MY PORTFOLIO.

A few of you already reached out and I wanted to reach out again and tell you to HIT ME UP AND LET ME KNOW YOU STILL WANT THE PHOTOS.. so I do not miss you.

You can email me for now at [email protected] until I get my protonmail straightened back out later on this week!

I look forward to helping some of you!!

Thanks in advance for giving me the opportunity to create images for you .

Taken By Storm


Image of Kristen Lickens of Tampa

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While I have a couple of pro cameras etc. I am still finishing up
my Studio and would like to add about 2 more cameras as well
as a lens thats about 650.00 to my arsenal. I am a perfectionist
and want to have the best. I have one of the best cameras now
but I’d like to take it to the next level. So any Amazon E-gift card donations are so appreciated and so welcomed. Thank you.

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