Shooting with my Iphone VS. My Canon Rebel EOS

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This blog entry will cover my shoots with my IPHONE XS MAX camera VS. my Canon Rebel Eos camera.

My latest shoot of Summer Segal was one where I elected to shoot each pose almost with both. A decision I am so happy to have made.

I can honestly say without a doubt that I was able to capture her beautifully with both cameras. I hate to admit I almost prefer the pics with the IPHONE camera, however there is nothing like the feel of a point, and shoot adjustable high grade lens camera like the Canon Rebel.

Of course I feel most professional when using the point, click ,zoom of the canon rebel, but make not mistake the pics taken with my particular model of IPHONE were just as amazing.

So due to this, I do believe from now on this will be my shooting protocol. So dont be shocked or amazed if I come to shoot you and decide to use both ways of photography.

You can see the images from that shoot on this site on the porfolio page.

You will also see images of me shot with my Logitech Brio PROFESSIONAL HD level webcam.

I am always happy to teach you all the tricks of a fantastic webcam shoot. It simply requires a high power webcam and setting timers . You can take good images in between pro shoots to keep your viewer interested on your own.

Just always be sure to have the area clean, have a nice backdrop and treat it the same way you would a shoot with myself or any other photog.

Again, I am happy to mentor you on how to get good self taken shots inbetween paid photo shoots.

Have a great rest of the week and contact me for your shoot!


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