Posing for your Escort /Boudoir photos

Boudoir Photographer for Escorts

The importance of knowing your angles and how to pose or
at least having a photographer who will be honest and help you and not just
shooting the pics and not caring how you look.

As a companion myself and a BBW one that I know the importance of the angles
and the lighting.

There are some “escort” poses that are so old school and cliche that I think
all of us are tired of seeing them. Not to mention they just don’t look good.

Lets discuss those and try your best to not do them, ( Unless you’re trying to be comical I guess)

The famous standing facing a wall with your back arched, legs spread and arms up on the wall.
I like to call it the Spiderman pose, it really looks like you are about to climb the wall..
Let’s retire this pose please.

The laying sprawled on the bed almost as if you are dead. I call it the corpse position.

There are elegant, seductive ways to lay on the bed, and your photographer should actually
elevate themselves above the bed and capture you from above to get the most bang for your buck on
bed photos. The lighting should be somewhat dim with just enough light to catch the beauty of your
face , breasts, arch of the back etc. But please stop just throwing yourself on the bed
and shooting. As a BBW for instance if I lay flat on my tummy all the fat goes to the sides
and I then look like a beached whale w no curves.. But if I turn my hip slightly and arch somewhat…
AMAZING curves galore. Its all about the angles when laying down and positioning of the legs and hips.

The bending forward while standing or crouching as if you are about to play tackle football.
I call it the linebacker pose..lol
And it seems its an old school favorite of BBW’s especially. Lets end that please.
There is nothing sexy about it. Again pose to show off the best of you. There is nothing
sexy or alluring about looking like you are about to run the football field and tackle. Unless of
course its football season and its the theme of your photos. Then its great 🙂

These are just a few examples… mainly the point is..
put thought into your angles , your look, your outfits and the scenery around you.
And make sure that your photographer does their job ( I ASSURE YOU I WILL ) and even
helps you pose. I always give suggestions and even come over and position you if you don’t understand.
I even help you with outfits and give suggestions if you need help figuring out what will be most

I am also happy to help you find a good location for a shoot , that fits and suits your brand.

I hope you will allow me to create for you soon!

I am still seeking 2 ladies who’s like a free shoot to help be have more in portfolio.

Contact me if interested!

Taken By Storm Photography

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