Meet The Team

Storm (Owner)

I think most of you are familiar with me. I have 18 years experience

As a companion myself and quite the eye for artistic creation and look

Forward to helping all of you be your most beautiful version of yourselves.

I do not care who you are , what size you are, I am going to treat you

With the utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you ahead of

Time for trusting your images and web sites with me. For more info

On me refer back to the welcome page.

Email :

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Meet Kristen ( Florida photographer)


Many of you know Kristen as one of your leaders of SWOP TAMPA .

She is also a great and affordable photographer who I suggest. We do each others photos from time to time and I consider her to be a great friend.

If you wanted to hire me but you are in Florida and its duringa time when I am not there, or if you are in Florida and need photos and need them to be affordable please do not hesitate to check her out.

You may email her directly at :


Meet Brandon  ( Helps with photo editing and video editing)

He’s my partner in life and web design and photography.

He’s a private guy but a tech genius. ( Hence no pic of him )

Our business is blessed and lucky to have him

As part of the Taken By Storm Team.


His direct email is

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While I have a couple of pro cameras etc. I am still finishing up
my Studio and would like to add about 2 more cameras as well
as a lens thats about 650.00 to my arsenal. I am a perfectionist
and want to have the best. I have one of the best cameras now
but I’d like to take it to the next level. So any Amazon E-gift card donations are so appreciated and so welcomed. Thank you.

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